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The Story so far..

Born in New York in 1972, you start to notice a change in the city as you got older and times got on. Your family was notoriously known amongst the various other gangs. No one could touch your family since you had complete control within the government system. However, one day it all changed.

A new gang had arisen from beneath the ground right under everyone's noses. They had plans to take over America. For them to do this they had to take out their competition, this obviously meant that if they took out the most known gang then people would recognise them. One dark stormy night the brothers set an attack out on your whole family killing everyone they saw and any witnesses they could. As you came back from your journey from your best friend's wedding you pulled up outside where your house was. All you could see was the torched remains of the family house. Rage grew from within you and you knew that you had to do something about this for the sake of your family's revenge. An eye for an eye.